Redbridge Music Lounge & Green Fair Music Club present
"Best Of The Fest"
Sunday May 9th time 11.30am-2.30pm
to YouTube and Facebook
& recorded for future viewing.

11.30am Mike ‘Dr.Blue’ McKeon – blues singer/musician
12 noon Jason Rose – Singer, songwriter & keyboard player
12.25pm Steve Rushton – songs of the 60s and 70s
12.50pm Peter Pethers – open mic singer/musician
1.15pm Jane & Richard – Americana acoustic song duo
1.40pm Bob Wilkinson - open mic singer/musician
2.05pm Deja Vu - songs of Crosby, Stills & Nash by 4piece band from a Covid-safe secret garden!

Next Live Stream

No account needed! The links are:



You can do a Soundcheck on Streamyard on either TUESDAY (4th), WEDNESDAY (5th) and THURSDAY (6th) 7pm-9.30pm. Just click on BLUE button below. If you can't manage these times its very easy for me to jump into the online "studio" just text/WhatsApp me any time 07725 782 813.

Please go through the following advice on performing via Streamyard.

We need to do a sound check in the week before. You can test basic connectivity at any time, but we need to record levels etc and check audio is fairly decent. I will be in the PRACTISE ROOM (link above) on the Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday evenings in the week before, otherwise text me on 07725 782813 and I will arrange to get online. We have learnt:
1. If you leave the soundcheck until the last minute, there is very little anyone can do to improve your sound.
2. A decent mic (~£55) makes all the difference, we can lend you one for computer or Android (not Iphone).
Cheers John


We use Streamyard to run this streaming event.

  • It goes LIVE to Facebook, Twitch AND Youtube for anyone to view live, and it is recorded for later viewing. You will receive a recording of your performance on video.

  • It is a SINGLE stream, like a TV show

  • You DON'T need an account with Streamyard or Facebook, there is no benefit in this.

  • The host looks after the scheduling, just arrive backstage a few minutes before your 20-25 minute slot and the host will bring you on when you are both ready.

  • Use Chrome as your browser on PC or Android, Safari on Apple.

  • There is a LINK you click on (at the TOP of this page) which takes you to the “studio” and although your camera will be streaming you won’t be “live” until the host takes on you “on stage” in the stream.

  • You will be able to chat to the host in a text window and phone/WhatsApp to know whats going on etc

  • You will see the comments from Youtube and Facebook on your screen as you broadcast!

  • You can practise entering the studio right now, and in the week before we will do a soundcheck with the host in the studio, and we will record your sound and send it to you so you know it works.

  • The most common issues the sound check has exposed include mic or amp placement affecting overall balance, being too loud and clipping, and choosing a suitable mic that picks up the full sound (we have mics to lend to computer users).

  • For those in the local area thinking of using their PC, laptop, Android device or Mac to stream from, we have a few suitable microphone setups we can lend out.

  • If something goes wrong when you try to go live we can fill in and reschedule, not a problem.

  • The hardware you need is the same as streaming into Facebook, simply a camera and mic on your device.

  • The phone number (and WhatsApp) of the host (John) is 07725 782 813 please get in touch - its really useful to have regular text or WhatsApp contact as a secondary means of communication.

  • In the meantime feel free to experiment with entering the studio (backstage) at either of the links above. On the day remember to click the LIVE STREAM link, not the Practise Room!


2MacBookShure ext-Wifi
4Windows PC+JamulusAstonReaper+BehringerEthernet
5Windows LaptopAstonReaper+Behringer4G
6Windows LaptopSnowball or AT2020NAEthernet
7Windows LaptopDynamic into AmpBehringer Xenyx+UACEthernet
8Windows LaptopDynamic into AmpSnowball+FocusriteEthernet
9Windows LaptopDynamicMackie ProFX6Ethernet
10Windows LaptopFocusriteFocusriteEthernet
11Windows LaptopZoom Q2NAEthernet
12Amazon FireInternalNAWiFi
13Android PhoneInternalNAWiFi or 4G



Potential Hiccups

  • "My webcams's not working" First check that another program is not using your webcam already, only 1 program can use your webcam at a time. Second, check that Chrome or whatever browser you are using allows you to use your webcam though the browser, or at least says it will ask you. Look in the browser settings (you can search for webcam or mic in Chrome settings).

  • "I can't get into the stream" The host will bring you into the stream when you are ready.

  • "Edge/Internet Explorer not working" You can't use these browsers with Streamyard. Chrome is easily the best browser to use.

  • Other issues Streamyard have a thorough guide HERE

Whole shows below, individual performances also on Youtube

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April 11th 2021

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